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Not your ordinary Designer

I was born and raised in a small beach community on the east coast of Florida. I spent most of my youth in the outdoors and playing sports, however I knew there was much more than my small community.

In the late 90s, the world wide web came to be. I was intrigued with 3D design and graphic design. I had the opportunity to learn more, such as graphic design, web design and coding in my high school courses. Which I made a point to pursue it in college. I earned my Bachelors of Arts in Electronic Media, Art and Technology and Minor in Advertising at the University of Tampa in 2007.

Today, I continued to creating designs for professional organizations, non-profits, small businesses, start-ups, and large corporations. My designs covered everything from product design, apparel, web sites, brand-identity, marketing material and social media material. 

My Inspirations

My passions and inspirations doesn’t just stop at graphic and web design in the front of my laptop. But it’s much more. I work with today youths as a competitive soccer coach, and personally ambitious about health and fitness.

You can find me at the soccer fields either play or coaching, or at the gym lifting some huge weight over my head or attempting some gymnastic movement. I challenge myself physically and mentally everyday.

It’s exhausting but I’m up for a challenge and never stopping one second. You can see my inspiration through my work. But I’m up for anything.

I’m available for private training in the St. Petersburg, Florida area. Check out my blog for more information.


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